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    Imatest Master                                                                                    

    Imatest Master is a GUI-based application that can be used to set camera product requirements in R&D. Use Master’s suite of test modules to analyze over 30 popular test charts and nearly every image quality factor. Imatest Master is more efficient and reliable than creating in-house software.

    Selected features include:

    • SFRreg moduleanalyzes a camera’s SFR (sharpness), allowing ultrawide-angle fisheye lenses (>180 degrees) to be tested in a single image.
    • Automatic analysis of the new ISO 12233:2014Edge SFR chart
    • Automaticregion detectionfor X-Rite ColorChecker and more
    • APass/Fail monitor> to display results immediately after calculations are complete


    Additional Information:

    This license includes one year of Support. Maintaining current Support enables you to download all software updates, keeping you current on the latest product enhancements, bug fixes, and customer feature requests.

    Imatest Industrial Testing (IT)                                                                

    Imatest Industrial Testing (IT) enables rapid production line testing and optimal quality control in manufacturing environments. Imatest IT software allows for the integration of key Imatest Master and Image Sensor (IS) module functionality into your custom testing programs. Manage multiple suppliers using one unbiased testing algorithm and catch issues earlier in your supply chain. Selected features include:

    • Define required quality levels for a camera with Pass/Fail specifications
    • Analysis of the new ISO 12233:2014Edge SFR chart
    • Analysis of SFRplus, Random/Spilled Coins, Wedge, Log-F Contrast and Siemens Star Targets
    • Operator console, an open source user interface for factory testing
    • Automaticregion detection for X-rite Colorchecker and many more targets

    Additional Information:

    This license includes one year of Support. Maintaining current Support enables you to download all software updates, keeping you current on the latest product enhancements, bug fixes, and customer feature requests.


    IT Specifications:

    Imatest IT includes an Application Programming Interface (API) that contains two different types of interfaces: DLL and EXE. Both interfaces have the same functionality as the corresponding modules in Imatest Master and IS but operate without user intervention, making them suitable for integration with automated systems.

    Although IT operates independently of Imatest Master, it is strongly recommended that IT users have at least one Master installation on site to support the process of defining execution parameters and default settings.

    Imatest Ultimate                                                       

    Imatest Ultimate combines the analysis suite of Imatest Master, the real-time image acquisition ability of Imatest IS and the automated testing of Imatest IT. This enables engineers to refine their settings while they are integrating Imatest’s software library with their factory or lab control systems without having to deal with multiple licenses or computers. Imatest Ultimate offers our complete software capabilities within a single license at a more affordable price.

    Test with the industry’s best charts

    SFRplus Charts

    Exceed image quality standards

    Our in-house charts, designed by our team of experts, were specifically developed to work seamlessly with Imatest Master and IT. SFRplus test charts are extremely efficient slanted-edge charts available for imaging system development and quality verification. See Details

    ISO Standard Charts

    Meet the international standard for image quality

    Some companies adopt ISO standard charts as their own internal standard and then choose Imatest software to automatically and reliably test with those charts. Printed to our exacting standards, select the ISO standard chart that’s right for your company. See Details

    Texture Charts

    Expertly test texture reproduction

    The “Dead Leaves” chart was the first to test a camera’s ability to reproduce texture; Imatest has improved upon this with our “Spilled Coins” chart, which is perfectly scale invariant, producing reliable and consistent test results. See Details

    Dynamic Range Charts

    Test a number of image quality factors at once

    Our dynamic range chart is designed to test tonal response, noise, basic resolution and color. When used with the Stepchart module, imaging companies can test a high range of density levels. See Details

    Color Charts

    The de-facto industry standard for color accuracy and appeal

    If your mission is to get the most accurate color with the greatest appeal, the X-rite test charts are your best choice. Choose from the standard 24-patch ColorChecker or, for more detailed analysis, use the 140-patch ColorChecker SG. See Details

    Arbitrary Charts

    Customize everything

    Part of the Imatest 5.0 Release, arbitrary charts enables Increased performance by combining all the features you are interested in analyzing into a single chart (such as the P1858 Variant Combo). Users can define chart layouts with a definition file to auto detect and analyze target features, significantly reducing the number of images needed for analysis.See Details

    Other Charts

    More than the standard image quality charts

    There are many imaging devices on the market that don’t fit the standard image quality testing parameters. For those products, we’ve developed a range of other charts that are outside the sphere of standardized test charts. See Details

    Test Lab Equipment


    Please contact info@microembesys.com to arrange a training course at your company or at the Imatest headquarters in Boulder Colorado.