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    Although SPIP™ is a modular software, the best imaging analysis results are obtained when all modules are combined, as SPIP™ is designed to steamline researchers’ workflow from image correction to automation and presentation. To cover the typical requirements, we’ve therefore designed 3 different packages. However, do not hesitate to contact us for a solution that covers your specific requirements.


    Complete package with all SPIP functions.
    Suitable for scientists and metrologists using SPM’s, 3D profilers and SEM’s. working with advanced image analysis, force- and tunneling spectrocopy and with need for automating.


    Medium package with the most standard SPIP functions.
    Suitable for engineers and scientists who do advanced analysis of image data from SPM’s, 3D profilers and SEM’s or TEM’s.


    • Small package with the most basic SPIP functions.
      Suitable for anyone working with SPM or 3D profiler data who wants an efficient platform for data browsing and image inspection.